Eating food is a basic necessity of man. We all eat at least three times daily. As important it is to stay healthy, it is equally important to eat healthily. Eating healthy will ensure good health that will enhance your body and mind. When you eat fresh and quality food, you would get maximum benefits out of it. The best way of eating healthy and quality food is to cook at home. You should avoid eating in commercial places and fast food joints as they do not sell the best foods.

When you are cooking at home, the stove is a central part of the cooking system. It is necessary to pick up the right one so that you gain maximum benefits out of the same. Two of the popular cooking stovetops are electric and gas. There is a debate on which one is the better option. So, is cooking on electric stovetops better than gas? Well, let us discuss in more detail about both of them to be able to decide.

  1. A gas stove requires gas connection so that it can run. A pipeline is attached to the gas stove through which liquefied petroleum gas, butane or propane is passed. It is important to take care of the pipeline to avoid any leaks which may prove to be dangerous. On the other hand, the electric stove does not require any pipeline. You simply plug in the stove in the socket and you are good to go and start cooking. If you are living in an area that has a good electric supply, you should consider using an electric stove. On the contrary, if you have electricity issues, cooking on a gas stove is the better option for you.
  2. Talking about the price, a gas stove is cheaper than an electric stove. However, their operating costs vary depending on your location. Before you decide which the better option to cook is, you should evaluate the operating costs of both the stoves then make a prudent decision. If you have a flexible monthly budget, you should consider other factors to decide for yourself.
  3. If you are looking for an energy-efficient stove option, the electric stove is the right choice for you. When you are cooking on gas stoves, you tend to waste more energy that makes it less efficient in terms of energy consumption. When you are cooking on a gas stove, about half of the heat energy is transferred to the cooking vessel. On the other hand, when you are cooking on an electric stove, about 3/4th of the energy is transferred to the vessel helping you cook faster.
  4. If you are looking for a cooking option where you have control over precise cooking temperatures, the gas stove is the right one for you. It allows you to control the flame with the help of a knob that is easy to handle. On the contrary, the response time of changing the setting of an electric stove is less.

There are some other factors too that will allow you to decide which is the right choice for you – an electric stove or a gas cooktop.

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